"Lapin in da house" is a project by french illustrator Lapin. Lapin carries his drawings from his sketchbooks to your walls. With his special digital prints on canvas he creates a beautiful line for your private space.

You can choose one of his drawings which would decorate your home, office, room, studio from his special selection or you can contact directly with him for any of his illustration any size from his blog or from his website.

Now Lapin is in da house, the feeling of the empty walls are gone forever. They will be adorned by your taste in the form of his illustrations.

Cuba is in da house

Lapin in da house "Cuba" series is composed of a special selection of drawings of my last book "Cuba, an 56 de la Révolution"
In the beginning of the year, I visited Havana and Trinidad for three weeks and my perceptions of Cuba has changed and shaped through the story of Cubans. Cuba, a country frozen in a different period of time offers much more that what we always believed in.
You can choose one of my drawings to invite a piece of Cuba to your home.
On sale on my online shop.
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